Some of that film was actually good?

Out of the six rolls of film discovered during the move, two were totally useless (exposure to sunlight or too old or something else).  Four of the rolls had pictures on them, though, and almost all of the pictures came out.  Amazing!  There are pics of The Kids from 1999 through 2003 (the last pictures on the roll that I burned so we could get them developed), so I'll be scanning those and getting them up here as time permits.  There were also pictures from a trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park here in Texas (the trip was in August of 1999) and pictures from my roommate's trips to San Francisco and Washington DC (both also from 1999).  Amazing that we had misplaced all of this film only to rediscover it in 2003.  Also of interest is that I've taken more pics of The Kids and have also taken some pics of myself to post here (that last part may or may not happen depending on the quality of the pics — mainly because I hate having my picture taken and may wait until I have developed more muscle mass before I post body shots).  Anywho, I'll get all of these scanned as quickly as possible so I can post them here.

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