love lives here

when I saw him standing there I did not see his person
a man of intelligence, open-mindedness, and a fine portrayal of humanity
rather, I saw perfection
that sunshine could gleam so beautifully from one man's eyes
that peace could flow so readily through one man's words
that nature itself is left in awe of one man's presence
I was unaware of such things
he can speak volumes with just a few syllables
others seek him out for his breadth of knowledge
emotionally he is a lake in the calm of the day
reflecting the joy of nature around him
sparkling everywhere
silently he speaks the words we all long to hear
words which flow like a river over the rocks of my soul
putting smoothness where only rough edges have existed
with the knowledge of life and the universe itself
he is humble
readily he shares his joy
never for self gain
always for the sake of giving itself
nothing more
speaking with confidence that which no one dare reveal
an advocate for humanity
a part of life
encompassing life itself
yet omnipresent
he dispels with dignity that which others despair with fear
he magnifies the good
and is blind to the evil
yet aware of it in its fullness
like leaves words fall at his feet
and nature itself bows down to him
majestically he dispenses kindness, unaware of his doing so
while restless winds go wandering and dunes undulate and dance
eternity worships him
life itself is incarnate here
the lightning of his soul pierces me to my heart
and in his eyes is the window to his soul wherein I stay the while
even the most lowly among us can take refuge in his heart

[circa 1991]

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