Finally got a digital camera

I finally got around to buying a digital camera.  I had been looking at several models and manufacturers over the last few months.  Ultimately I got the Canon PowerShot S50, a 5.0 megapixel camera with plenty of features.  I had considered the limited edition black PowerShot G3, but that turned out to be far too much camera for me.  I'm not a professional photographer and likely never will be.  A disposable 35mm wasn't going to cut it though, so the S50 seemed like the perfect blending of what I needed now and what I might need in the future if I ever get the hang of it.  Once I get it setup and learn how to snap a few pictures, expect some gallery updates to follow.  I know I need to get some recent shots of The Kids.  I did say I would post pictures of my car.  Eventually I'll post some updated body shots of my workout progress.  Oh, and the darn thing can actually make short digital movies as well…  That could be interesting.  I'll keep you posted on my progress with the little gadget and will post new pics as soon as I can.

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