Prescription diet

All of The Kids eat a complete diet of Hill’s Feline c/d.  The bulk of their food is dry c/d, but they also get canned c/d on a regular basis.  Oddly enough, they all think the canned version is a treat — so I get to be the good guy even though they’re still getting prescription food.

Now, you might be wondering why all four of them get prescription food when only one of them really needs it.  Well, that’s a simple question of availability.

With four healthy cats in the house, it’s impossible to give one of them something without giving it to all of them.  There’s no place in the house that is off limits to any of them, so you can’t hide it or put it up high enough to keep the rest of them away from it.

For that reason, they all get a healthy prescription diet.  It won’t hurt them since c/d is very good for them (obviously).  Outside of a slightly higher fat content, there’s no reason that all of them can’t eat the same thing.  For the three who don’t have urinary tract infections, I consider it preventative maintenance.

In Kako’s case, however, it’s absolutely essential.  Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s actually a matter of life and death in her case.

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