A refreshed gallery for Grendel

I finally got some new pictures of The Kids posted.  Well, it's actually a lot of Grendel and one miscellaneous shot.  I'm still working on all of the new pictures I have.

There are plenty of other new photos of The Kids, but it's taking me some time to get through them all to determine what to post and what not to.  As I've been tinkering with my new digital camera quite a bit, I literally have hundreds of photos.  I generally take several photos of the same shot — using different camera settings — so I can learn what works best and under what conditions.

I'm still hoping that getting these updates done will inspire me to get going on the others.

This update was almost entirely of Grendel.  Somehow a single picture of three of The Kids wound up being included.

The one miscellaneous picture is the last picture on this page.  It's a photo of Loki, Grendel and Kako sleeping on the back of the love seat.

As for the updates to Grendel's gallery (the updated pics start with the second picture on page 3), here are some highlights.

Look at that face! (105_0508)

I absolutely love that picture!  As the caption says in the gallery, "Look at that face!"  I had just stopped petting him, so he turned and looked at me just in time for the camera flash to go off.  The result is priceless.

How many people who own cats don't have a picture like this? (105_0513)

If you've ever had a cat and tried to take pictures, you have undoubtedly found yourself in possession of just such a photo as the one above.  In the time it took me to get set and take the picture, he had come about and was heading directly for the camera.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but we share everything. (106_0636)

As you can tell, we share everything around here.  A cup of water is always a special treat as you can count on it to be ice cold.

I love this picture! I decreased the shutter speed on the camera and took the picture with incandescent light in the background -- and what a result. Oh, and he's very happy. (107_0712)

This picture was completely unintentional but is one of my absolute favorites.  Using a slow shutter speed with background light, it really turned out well (of course it's not what I was trying to accomplish, but oh well).

A very soft, natural light photo of him looking outside. (118_1865)

I was sitting at my desk when I heard Grendel walk by behind me.  When I turned, that's what I saw — so I grabbed the camera and captured it.  Yes, it's OK to say it was blind luck because that's exactly what it was.

Grendel likes to help with computer stuff; he's very computer savvy. (118_1869)

Grendel likes to help me when I'm using the computer (as do the rest of The Kids).  Grendel's very good with computers and can often solve complex problems that I'm just not able to resolve.  As you can see, he doesn't like for me to disturb him when he's busy.

There are plenty of other new pictures of Grendel starting on page 3 of Grendel's gallery.

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