Update on Kako’s vet visit

Kako's vet visit yesterday was uneventful outside of her general unpleasantness when outside of her element.  I'm happy to report she's in good health overall and is doing well on the prescription diet that I have all of The Kids on.

She's now caught up on her vaccinations.  Actually, she only got a rabies shot.  I only do other vaccinations every three years as scientific evidence supports the notion that, outside of rabies, yearly shots overmedicate animals and should therefore be done on a more limited basis.

Luckily my vet fully agrees.

There was no sign of abnormal pH in her urine and no signs of infection (debris, blood, etc.).  That's all very good news.

The vet agreed that the diet and lack of stress are both essential in preventing the urinary tract infections that she's had in the past.

So the lady of the house is healthy and legal (it's the law in Texas that pets have yearly rabies vaccinations).

Now if we could only find a way to fix her attitude problem…

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