Since it’s bothering you

Since I've had plenty of folks asking about it, I want to clarify a previous Ramblings post.  The post in question, These are the words I never speak, isn't misplaced — it doesn't belong in Miscellany as many of you have pointed out to me.  Although I don't mind being corrected, in this particular case, your approbation on the post's placement in Ramblings is neither required nor desired (I think that's healthy!).

You see, that post isn't a writing from years past.  It's not part of the collection of writings that I cull from my life.  You can always go here for a reminder of what Miscellany is about.

No, "These are the words I never speak" isn't something from the past — it's something from the present.  Remember that Ramblings is about the present.

That particular blog entry is an open letter to someone in my life right now.  It's the byproduct of those sporadic thought processes I've warned you about in the past.

I was feeling particularly fond of a friend of mine that evening, having just spent part of the day with him, and decided to put into words what was pounding in my heart.

I'm not retracting it and I'm not moving it.  It's staying right where it is and just as it is.

So rest assured that I am just as human as the next guy.  I have feelings that don't always manifest in expected ways.  No, my feelings do as they please.  In this particular case, they happened to manifest in the same way that formed the material in Miscellany.

The clarification, however, is that this "crush" (or infatuation or desire or true love or whatever it is) is one of two that I carry with me every single day.  Yes, there is someone else I would similarly write about.  You could even safely assume that something about both of these men will be written here in the future — perhaps not too distant future.

But you can still get off me about moving the damn post!

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