Check out my ride, dude

The opportunity finally presented itself for me to get some pictures of my car posted.  There's a new gallery called Lexus IS 300 that has some exterior and interior shots of my awesome ride.

When Lexus announced in the late nineties that they would be releasing the IS 300 in America, I was thrilled.  I had followed the car through its various releases in Europe and Japan with delight as it was the first sport sedan Lexus designed to compete with the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4.  Since Lexus (and Toyota) had been making the best cars for several years and my dissatisfaction with American cars had grown to a deafening roar, the IS 300 was right down my alley.

In late 1999, Lexus announced the IS 300 would be released in America in early 2000 (the 2001 year model).  I immediately ran down to my nearest Lexus dealership, Park Place Lexus, and ordered one.

The IS 300 didn't have many options because it was already a fully loaded car.  The few things I added were the limited slip differential, the heated seats, tinted windows, and a spoiler.  The base model (at the time) already came with the sport seating (perforated leather), full-function moonroof, 17″ alloy wheels with low-profile tires, power front seats, and a whole list of other goodies.

I was disheartened when Lexus delayed the release — several times, I might add — until early in August when I got a call from my salesman at Park Place telling me my car was on the boat.

I was so excited!  I had been looking forward to having one of the first IS 300s in the country since the initial announcement of their pending release here.

On September 7 of 2000, I drove it off the lot and have been thrilled with it since then.  No problems, no road noise, no wind noise, a perfect ride, plenty of power, and service that is second to none has made me a Lexus fan for life.

Of course, now that it's nearly four years old, I'm looking forward to the future release of the new IS models.  Although nothing is definite at this time, take a peak at what AutoWeek had to say about the upcoming models.  My current plan is to wait until I can order a new one, then I'll trade in my current car.  Luckily they retain good value (again thanks to the quality).

But all of that is in the future.  Besides, enough talk, more pictures.

Here are some highlights from the new gallery.

Here's a shot of the dashboard to give you a feel for the interior of the car.  You'll also notice the perforated leather at the bottom of the picture — this covers all of the seating surfaces (provides better grip than anything else I've seen).

My car (137_3798)

If, like me, the driver instrument console caught your attention, here's a better shot of it (with the chronometer-style instrumentation).  I've always thought of it as nice, clean, functional and very cool.


Here are a few exterior shots of the car.


You can see a few more shots (interior and exterior) in the Lexus IS 300 gallery.

6 thoughts on “Check out my ride, dude”

  1. yeah yeah yeah
    I still want my delSol back and I’d trade your Lexus for my delSol any day of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    del Sol – mon soul!

    but the IS is nice
    and remember who told you to buy toyota!

  2. Oh, you'd trade my Lexus for your del Sol, huh?  Thanks a lot, bonehead!  I don't think so.  I wouldn't trade my car for that little four-banger no matter what the reason!  So there.

    As for telling me about Toyota, it's true you recommended that I seriously consider it, but I was watching for the IS before we met (it was announced just a year or so before then).  Your recommendation definitely carried weight in that regard, though, so don't think I'm cheapening it.  I think you just gave me the push I needed to do it.

  3. nah you bonehead, you were looking at da beemer! but I seez, I seez, see here dude, you buy something you keep awhile!
    and as far as my four-banger, yo dude, I give your lexus AND my damn maxima for another delSol! you never done drive no delSol ya bonehead, ya don’ know
    the top comes out remember!
    but I loves ya even ‘f ya a bonehead!
    delSol Mon Soul!!!!!

  4. I think you're remembering that incorrectly.  I've never really liked BMW’s cars and would never seriously considered buying one, I don’t think.  Like every other used bar of soap on the road, I don't like BMWs because they're extremely ubiquitous and lack any personality whatsoever, IMO.  Even the newer models continue to look like every other BMW on the road.

    No, I don't think I considered a BMW and haven't looked at them closely enough to know the various models (although I do know the IS 300 competes with the 3 Series).

    As for trading my Lexus for your del Sol, I don't think so.  I'd take my Lexus over that Honda rollerskate any day.  More power, more reliability and more fun all mean, in my mind, that my Lexus beats your Honda hands down.

    Remember, of course, that the most important thing is that this is all a matter of opinion.  I happen to love Lexus and, more specifically, my IS 300.  Having had no problems with it since the day I purchased it, combined with the exceptional service I get (and I do mean EXCEPTIONAL), I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to go with a different car maker.  I also know you loved your del Sol for many of the same reasons.  If we could find a way for the Maxima to pass away quietly, perhaps we could look at getting you into another del Sol (or something equally palatable to you).

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