The move is complete

My move this weekend was basically uneventful.  Although it was hot and humid, I got moved with little trouble.  Moving is never an easy thing and is always more disruptive than we hope, but I think this one went well.  The Kids are growing increasingly accustomed to the new place (as am I).  I'm tired and sore, but who isn't after moving (when they do the work themselves)?  There's still more organizing to do at the new place and some stuff that needs to be taken care of at the old place, so I'll be working through all of that over the next week or so.

Many thanks to my friends (xocobra and Jenny) for their assistance.  I couldn't have done it without you.

I will say that I'm happy to be out of that place.  As I explained earlier, there were just too many ghosts in the old place.  I'm glad to be moving on with my life now despite the disruption.

2 thoughts on “The move is complete”

  1. All the efforts made by this party were well worth it! I am so happy to see you out of there and away from memories that are so painful. This new place is much nicer and feels warmer to me. I’m just happy that you are in a better place for you to heal

  2. Well, I certainly appreciate the help and the sentiments.  It's felt much better to be in a new place and making a new home.  I sincerely felt that it was impossible in the old place to find any closure to the Derek situation, to realize any healing, to successfully traverse the grieving process.  There were too many ghosts, too many memories of his illness, too much emotional baggage that I couldn't escape.  It's just nice to be in a place that's my own and that has no history for me.

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