The Google saga continues

Here's the response I got from Google last evening (around 8:00 PM CST) when I last reported that their bot was still hammering away at my site:

"Thank you for your reply. This process may take an hour or two to propagate completely. We appreciate your patience."

Since I get up at 4:45 every morning to go to the gym, I had no intention of staying up to see if they had actually resolved the problem.  I decided I'd check it again in the morning and promptly went to bed.

When I got up this morning, what did I find?

Absolutely nothing had changed.  According to the server logs, Googlebot 239 had spent the entire night banging away at the server — again hitting the same page over and over and over again.

I responded to Google's e-mail — again — and told them the problem was not solved.  I sent along a snippet from the log file to show them that the bot had spent the entire evening doing the same thing it'd been doing for the last five days.

So now we're on day six and Google continues to be unable or unwilling to resolve the problem.

At this time Google has, in the month of February alone, consumed at least 2 GB of bandwidth and has hit the site more than 70,000 times.  For the sake of comparison, consider that the next highest consumer of bandwidth is 90.3 MB and 21,013 hits for the same time period.  Big difference, huh?

Googlebot 239 is still hitting the site as of this posting.  I'd say the hour Google needed is long gone and the problem continues.

Sorry, Google, but I'm long out of patience at this point.  My server stats are now so skewed that I'll never be able to make accurate comparisons on bandwidth consumption, page hits, site visitors, or anything else.  I've consumed far more bandwidth than I pay for each month and will end up having to pay for the additional usage that Google stole.

How pathetic.

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