I’ve had it with Google

After I told Google two days ago that the bot hadn't been on the site that day, they apparently just dropped the whole thing and stopped trying to determine what the problem is or how to fix it.

As of this morning Googlebot 239 is back on the site and back to indexing the same page over and over again.

This is the clearest example of ineptness that I have ever seen, the most well defined example of ignoring the user and the problem in the hopes that they'll go away on their own, and the most tiresome and tedious theft of service that I have ever witnessed.

Google is stealing my bandwidth and refuses to fix the problem — after nine days.  It's like trying to teach a wall how to be a car instead of a wall — impossible.

Google has no focus on the user.  Google has no sense of customer service.  Google has no clue how their own technology works or how to fix it when it breaks.  Google simply has no clue.

Googlebot 239 is on the site now and is doing the same thing it's been doing for nine days.  How can Google not fix the issue after nine days?

I've suggested this to Google on multiple occasions: why not just shut down that bot until it can be fixed?

This entire situation is beyond preposterous.  It's beyond laughable.  It's truly pathetic, and that's the best word I can use to describe Google.

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