The Incredibles


I’d write more but I honestly don’t remember anything from this movie that caught my attention or made me take notice.  What a waste of time.  Basically all of the funny parts were what you saw in the previews.  Yes, that was it.  The rest of it was tiresome, garbled and tedious shit.

Don’t waste your time.

Please tell me this will end soon

I know I’ve been MIA lately.  We’re so busy at work that I’ve been putting in way too many hours and completely missing any semblance of a personal life.  We have more than a handful of large projects going on while we’re still trying to solidify a reorganization from January, train staff on a myriad of systems they’ve never seen and never worked with but now have to support, try to support five very different infrastructures while calling ourselves “integrated” and survive a hiring freeze and sudden tightening of the financial belt — all without disrupting business operations, something that really isn’t working too well at the moment.

My boss’ boss held a conference call with all of us a few weeks ago to try and help.  He failed miserably.  His idea of help was to shoot morale right between the eyes.  He provided absolutely no guidance or answers outside of essentially telling us that we’re doing a bad job and that he’d get rid of us if we didn’t shape up (“if it’s bad for the company, it’s bad for the employee” was the way he put it).

For a man who’s so out of touch with what the hell is going on, he sure thinks he’s in charge.  He may have the authority, but he has no clue.

Typical business, I know, as it requires de-learning to move up in management.  It simply amazes me, however, that, knowing the strain we’re under and how ready the employees are to walk, he at no point tried to hide the fact that the phone call was to take us to task and to put his foot down.  Most of the conversation was meaningless gibberish and management double talk.  He tossed out a few complimentary kudos then promptly squelched any joy from that experience by smacking us all around and treating us like insignificant nothings.

Even he said that one complaint can destroy a hundred “atta boys” — and he proved it right there on the call by giving a few compliments before he pulled out the knife and began, one by one, stabbing us all in the front (I’d say back but he did it directly to our faces).

Suffice it to say that at least two people have left the company since then and I know many more are looking to get the hell out of Dodge as soon as they can.

I certainly can’t blame them.

Fear still lives

This is an elegy I wrote in 1991.  I had been dating a "straight" boy who, as I learned much later in our relationship, had never actually been with anyone — boy or girl.  Much to my surprise I found that I was his first sexual encounter and his first romantic relationship.  This is the same person I wrote love lives here about (yes, I was more than smitten).

Because I was out and he was not (again I stress he was "straight"), we had a difficult time over the year and so many months that we dated.  I was so madly in love with him and wanted to express it in any way that I could.  This clashed terribly with his closeted point of view and extreme fear of being labeled anything but heterosexual.

We broke up several times during our relationship because he couldn't "deal with" being in love with another man, but he always came back and proclaimed his love for me even more passionately than the last time.  Each time we separated and rejoined one another, our relationship would become even more powerful, more passionate, more encompassing than it had ever been.

Yet we never got to our second anniversary.  He decided he would join the US Army and marry a sweet hometown girl, although perhaps not in that order.  His desire to be a father to her child (who really knows who the biological father was…) and sincere anguish at what he felt in his relationship with me certainly pushed him to make the decision to leave.

We spoke a few times over the two or three years after we parted in silence and tears, but my hopes, expressed as longing in this childish little poem, were never realized.

This is a daft and almost ingenuous — dare I say juvenile? — attempt to put into words what I felt when we said our final goodbyes.

he leaves again
I weep for him
I love him so
please don't go
he cannot stay
don't go away
my love for him
does not dim
will he come back
until then lack
my empty heart
becomes dark
the space he left
is so unkempt
he cannot leave
to him I cleave
left all alone
the tears are gone
for what I weep
I cannot keep
is it meant to be
I will see
I hope it is
but fear still lives

[circa 1991]

This is why SBC shouldn’t be so big

Once again I'm going to verbally bash SBC for being unresponsive, deceitful and uncaring.

On Sunday (April 3) at 09:42 I sent a complaint to regarding DNS injection attempts from (  The person who has that DSL connection has been attempting — since March 20 — to force updates to my DNS servers for one of the domains I own.

I grepped the logs and sent all of the pertinent info to SBC so they could stop this person.  No harm has been done but it is an ongoing attack on my DNS servers and, since I get daily reports telling me about anything out of the ordinary, I finally decided to have it stopped.

I received a response from SBC just a few short minutes after I sent the complaint which said, among other things, "If you do not receive any contact within 48 hours of this acknowledgment please consider your case closed with action."

Today is April 6 and it is now 18:08, clearly more than 48 hours after my first report of the problem, and the DNS injection attempts are continuing.  In fact, the last one was only a few short minutes ago.

After all of the issues I've had with SBC (you can read about all of those issues here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), this is just icing on the cake.  They've finally proven to me that they just don't give a shit about their customers or about dealing with people who are being attacked by their customers.

Obviously SBC believes that inaction is an action unto itself.  Pathetic little weasle of a company.