Congratulations… sort of

I was happy to see Tony Blair win a third term as UK’s Prime Minister in the recent elections.  Although I don’t always agree with Blair’s politics and apparent inability to stand up to Dubya, I think the people of the UK have spoken by voting him in for a third term.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Blair as he has overcome serious opposition and significant internal strife in order to claim this victory.  Despite the fact that many UK citizens do not agree with some portion of his policy, the majority have obviously spoken.

Unlike many Europeans who, in response to Dubya’s second win at the polls, readily called Americans stupid for voting him in for a second term, I will not belittle our brothers across the pond by second-guessing their votes and attempting to disparage their decision by calling them stupid, uncaring, inept world citizens.  On the contrary, he is overall a good leader with good ideas and a reasonably strong moral compass regardless of the problems he faces at home with the political shake-up taking place in the UK.

Every leader makes mistakes.  Every leader must face the consequences of their actions.  Tony Blair has faced those consequences and, in the eyes of his national constituency, he has been exonerated and given a vote of confidence to continue leading.

Congratulations, Tony Blair, for a fine victory, albeit at the cost of political power within the government.  You have much work ahead of you — in the eyes of your own nation and in the eyes of the world.

As for all of the pretentious Europeans who, in response to Dubya’s victory, bashed Americans in general, I include the following thoughts for your benefit.

Whatever the outcome of the UK vote, we Americans have to accept and deal with it.  The decision has a huge impact on the rest of the world, but it is and remains a UK vote.

I say, in spite of what those of us outside of the UK may or may not think about the election and its results, let the Europeans decide what they want without interference.  It is their vote after all.

Let’s hope the potty-mouthed Europeans, mainly those who tried so diligently to make all Americans out to be idiots after Dubya won, take note on the appropriate response to the voice of a sovereign people regardless of whether we agree with it or not.

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