Do you think he dislikes bloggers?

Do you think Maddox dislikes bloggers?  The sad thing is, if you look at his site, you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon the same terrifying conclusion I was forced to acknowledge: his site is a blog, by both the simple definition and his own.  Indeed, if you read any of Maddox’s ramblings (which I have and continue to do), you’ll see he readily fits his own observed standard of a CLOG, “documenting [his] inconsequential [life], trivializing man’s greatest invention, the microprocessor, until the Internet is so CLOGGED…”

Still, I like Maddox.  He’s terribly entertaining and has an indominable spirit of rebellion.  He accomplishes mediocrity with such phenomenal alacrity that I can’t look away, almost like watching a train wreck in slow-motion, only not quite as entertaining.

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