I think I wet myself

Then again, perhaps I only spotted.

Well now…  They're all a bit waggish, eh?

I'm sorry?  Did you say you don't know what I'm referring to?


Doesn't anyone blindly follow the blog links I have posted on this site?  Why doesn't anyone arbitrarily visit the seemingly random web links posted on every single blog on the intarweb in the überverse?

Regardless of your answers to those inquiries, I still mock you for not knowing that of which I speak of.

For you "slow" people among us, what I'm talking about is this thread and it's comments over at The Poor Man.  Don't just welter in the puerile humor of the post; read the damned comments, too.

Why, if you don't childishly wet yourself as I did…  Um, hold on.  Wait — forget I said that.

What I meant was that you will chortle indubitably.  That is unless you think I've gone completely mad, of course, in which case you will likely point and laugh, much as I do every day at innocent plebeians.  But that's another story…

Oh, and check out those pants and shoes in the ABBA picture.  And I was concerned mine had gone out of style.

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