Katrina revisited

In my haste to post something pithy about hurricane Katrina, I inadvertently downplayed the severity of the event, perhaps because it was only just beginning to unfold and because, at the time, New Orleans appeared to have escaped the life-threatening flooding which was unleashed only hours later.  For that I apologize, but only because, in view of the loss of life and property, the utter devastation, the harm to America's economy, and the obvious negative impact to the animals in the storm's path (wild, domestic and otherwise), I may have presented myself a bit more taciturn than I actually am — although that seems difficult for a cynic like me.

As an avid weather nut, I've been intrigued by Katrina.  Despite this, sometimes it's more important to put aside the cold intellectual interest and realize — perhaps respect is a better word in this context — the catastrophic effect Mother Nature has unleashed.

For all of those who have and will suffer because of this storm, you have my sympathy and support.  For those who have taken it upon themselves to act on behalf of the many animals impacted by this event, you have my admiration and respect.

The story continues to develop…

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