The Frist honeymoon was short lived

It was bound to happen.  You know how wishy-washy I am when it comes to long-term relationships.  It's therefore with a certain level of self-induced disgust that I must break off my 27-day-old relationship with Senator Bill Frist.  After commending him on his support of stem cell research, he stepped on my buzz by supporting (un)intelligent design in the classroom.

This move is akin to supporting the introduction of Genesis-based creationism in the classroom.  Actually, that's exactly what it is — besides an offensive mix of church and state and a complete bastardization of true science.

If you've followed the hoopla regarding intelligent design, you know that it is essentially creationism by a different name, the premise being that, while science can explain a great many things, there are still those items which can only be explained if a greater intelligence were involved in their design.  Sounds biblical, huh?  I thought so, too.

While Frist is now endorsing the inclusion of religion in the general science curriculum taught in public schools, I will remind the general viewing audience that he doesn't equally support forcing churches to teach evolution alongside the biblical book of Genesis.  Would it not be fair to force religions to do so if the public is being forced to include spiritual dogma in what is otherwise a "separated" government organization — public schools?

Intelligent design is a falsehood perpetrated by religious zealots who cannot otherwise get into the public school system without the "science cloak" ID provides them.  It laughably ignores the scientific principal and unconscionably tramples all over the truth.  This is not science; it's fanciful propaganda based on misrepresentations of the facts and a complete disregard for the meaning of true, pure science.  I shudder to think that this could ever happen…  But I'm not stupid enough to say it can't.

Let's just hope science actually prevails and religion is left to the churches.

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