“My brother’s suicide”

Jenny sent this to me today and I found it too excellent not to share.  Some of you may be familiar with Anderson Cooper, the CNN reporter.  He's a dashing man with a quick wit, sharp intelligence, and, after reading this, a very communicative heart.  Reporters often are subjected to tremendous emotional turmoil because of their work.  How often can a living, feeling human see death, hatred, subjugation, destruction, and all manner of hell without being impacted by it?  I suspect it's less often than we think.

It is in this spirit that I share with you a very touching story by Anderson.  It's about his brother's suicide, but it's also about a lot more than that.  As Jenny pointed out, it's not just the story but how he tells it that makes this so poignant.  It is a personal story interspersed with professional observations and experiences, a combination which makes it a must read.

Take a few minutes and read this story.  It's important, and it's real.

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