Dearest marniac…

My friend marniac has acute viral conjunctivitis.  Poor thing.  It's a very unpleasant malady that is also quite contagious, one that befalls a great many people.  It's also, in that sick way that I love to be, somewhat humorous.

You see, acute viral conjunctivitis is also called pinkeye.  It is, from my reckoning, a disease most people get when they are young and which never revisits them after that initial assault on their adolescence.  Marniac is not a child; she's within a decade of my age (at this writing, I am little more than a month away from 35).

I quietly "tee-hee" to myself.

But I've had pinkeye, as a child, and I am fully aware of its unpleasantness.  She was forced to work from home for the past few days simply because of the risk of contagion.  I am quite convinced she's also not been feeling her best.

I wish you a speedy recovery, marniac.

Oh, and I'm sure your coworkers also want you to get your ass back to work!

You know how I feel about such things — tell 'em to piss off.

2 thoughts on “Dearest marniac…”

  1. Within 10 years!!!!! I’m only 6 years older than you. Don’t you dare add 4 years possibility to that.

    And yes, I wish I had been at work, it’s much more interesting than sitting in my bedroom at home, working on my bed.

    Hmm, that sounds wrong.

    Anyway, if my coworkers complain too much, I’ll come in and give them the ‘evil eye’. 😈

    Thank you for the kind sentiments. Thank goodness I already had chicken pox, or who knows what you would say about that!

  2. Silly girl. That was +/-10, a rather failed attempt to politely not say how old you are.

    Evil eye. Certainly puts an icky spin on that phrase. I like it!

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