Despite what Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and its offspring may have taught, tyrannosaurus rex seems to have had far more developed senses than first thought.

Carnival of the Godless #27.

Sony's antipiracy CDs use spyware to abusively enforce intellectual property rights.  Some antivirus software vendors have already released updates to find, disable and remove the offending program and its files.  Sony's actions with regards to IP rights — along with the rest of the entertainment industry — offend me.  And they wonder why they're losing business…

Despite many anecdotal and unverified accounts of the same thing happening in Africa, it's possible this British man has somehow been cured of HIV.  He tested positive, then 14 months later tested negative.  He's thus far declined further testing, but if this proves true his immune system may help doctors in their search for a vaccine.

Senator John McCain's most exquisite thoughts about America's use of torture and other inhumane tactics when dealing with those labeled as enemy combatants.    This is an excellent piece of work, one with which I agree so wholeheartedly and adamantly that I feel my conviction welling up from within the very core of me.  Go now; read it.

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