Sony wants others to enjoy free access to your computer

Sony, as I mentioned, was selling music CDs that used spyware to enforce their intellectual property rights.  In essence, they invaded consumers' privacy and stole bandwidth — among other crimes.  When they were caught, they worked with the software developer to create a removal program.

Oh, the removal program makes the situation worse… Much worse.  When the removal program runs, it opens your computer up to any web site that wants to install software.  It essentially disables the security checks for web-downloaded application code and allows any web site author to surreptitiously install something on your Windows-based PC.

Um… Oops.

Microsoft has announced it will include the removal of Sony's technology in the next monthly release of its malicious software removal tool.  That says something about Sony, when Microsoft says it considers the software malicious and a security flaw.

Sony and this inept attempt to control and limit fair use rights by consumers amuse me.  Add to that the inability of a technology company to remove its illegal software without leaving consumers open to even more malicious and diverse attacks.  This will certainly make you question the future purchase of any Sony product.

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