30 Seconds to Mars

Let me begin with the admission that I am a Jared Leto fan.  From Alexander to American Psycho to Girl, Interrupted to How to Make an American Quilt, I have admired many of the roles he selected as well as his performances.  As is true of most actors, he has also chosen to participate in films that were unbecoming.  Still, my fondness for him endures.  Whether playing in big or small parts, I find him to be an interesting and engrossing actor.

I will also admit that I think him to be quite attractive.  Did you even notice his Hephaistion opposite Colin Farrell's Alexander?  Anyway…  He has those beautiful blue eyes (something for which I have a tremendous weakness).  He takes care of his body (something equally enticing).  He looks good with dark hair and light, short hair and long (and didn't he look devilishly randy with braided hair in Panic Room?).  Put more succinctly, he is easy on the eyes in a great many ways.

Yes, the man is stunning to look at, but he is also quite talented.  Given my discovery today, that talent is not limited to acting.  It apparently also includes singing and songwriting.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, Jared Leto is the front man for a band, 30 Seconds to Mars.  The first song I heard was Attack, and this is a captivating song with an alternative rock feel resting upon an undercurrent of head banging fun.  A Beautiful Lie was next, and this one strikes me more as a contemporary ballad.  Finally, I listened to The Kill, and it drew me in with a classic rock sound woven through contemporary alternative music.

It was then that I realized all of these songs were quite good.  More importantly, it occurred to me that Jared Leto has a great voice, especially when used with this kind of music.  In addition, he appears to be an exceptional lyricist and songwriter.

How comes it that I missed his leap from movies to music?  Amazing.

What impresses me is that he is one year younger than I, almost to the day, and already has accomplished so much in his life.  Kudos to him!

In the meantime, I will be purchasing their latest release and taking a very close look at their first album.  I think many of you will like this music also.

2 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars”

  1. I was searching for picture of 30STM and found this article. i enjoyed reading it, and was rather happy to read that we share the same views on jared.
    i recently saw the guys live and definatly amazing.
    i hope your all caught up on their music now:)

  2. omgggggggggg i know jared is sooooo freaking HOT!! i think im in love with him… ive seen every episode of my so-called life and watched his scenes over and over again. and he’s been with liek every gogeous girl in hollywood cameron diaz, scarlot johanson, gwen stefani. and i don’t care i he’s fat now for the john lenon movie i still looooove him

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