Scarfin’ with The Kids

I free feed The Kids.  That is to say that I keep food and water down at all times, and they can eat and drink at will and at whatever time they choose.  While Kako and Loki rarely eat together, you can find them in any number of combinations as easily as you can find them eating alone.

This is true except when it is time for a treat.  This happens at least once every week, and it may consist of any number of things (boiled chicken, canned cat food with dried fish mixed in, any number of flavors of fish, baby food, and the list goes on).  Regardless of what it is (I only treat them with what I know they all like), if it is something I serve in one large dish rather than separately, treats create a time when all differences are forgotten and everyone happily gluts.

All four of The Kids eating

[clockwise from top: Kako, Loki, Kazon, and Grendel]

2 thoughts on “Scarfin’ with The Kids”

  1. It looks a bit like a Busby Berkley musical production with cats πŸ™‚ Hm…I was glutting myself on Thursday and hopefully so were you.

    You got great kids πŸ™‚

  2. I definitely glutted on Thursday. That’s part of the Thanksgiving tradition, me thinks.

    And I’ll happily agree with that sentiment: I do indeed have great kids. They’re my comfort and joy who are always with me and who always love me and take care of me no matter what. I can’t imagine life without them.

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