This is Henry

In honor and remembrance of Henry, here are a handful of photos to show you my memorable feline companion.  I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  Many of them are quite old (dating from the late 70s through the 80s).  Almost all were taken with an equally old Polaroid camera.

I did not include the picture of Henry which my parents used to create a mouse pad which was gifted me for Christmas several years ago.  Somehow, holding back that photograph makes it seem more personal.

Closeup of Henry sitting in front of my old dresser (henry01)
Original of Henry sitting in front of my old dresser (henry02)
Henry sitting in front of shelves (henry03)
Henry in his boxes beside the TV (henry04)
Henry sleeping in my old window (henry05)
Henry with a picture (henry06)
Henry with his head in a bag (henry07)
Henry in his favorite playing position (henry08)

3 thoughts on “This is Henry”

  1. There will never be another like Henry. I sit and remember the times he had us all roaring in laughter, and he was so aloof about it. How he love “kitty kondos”, any boxes stacked for him. And he never could keep his nose out of any paper bag. I sorely miss that cat. Thanks for refreshing the memories.

  2. I can add that Henry was very loyal. I had the pleasure of being room-mates with Jason and Henry. Henry would hear Jason’s car pull up and he would run to the door before the door was opened. If Jason was not home by dinner time, Henry would cry in his room for about 2 minutes.

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