I think they were jealous

I was given an ultimatum by the rest of The Kids (those sans Grendel) that I must either demonstrate that not all of the digital attention goes to Grendel or face the dire consequences.  They demonstrated said consequences by leaving irritating reminders of their power in the form of bloody racing stripes on my hands.  I do not wish to face more punishment.

To avoid a great and unwinnable battle, here are some photos of the rest of The Kids.

Loki resting on the cat castle (119_1948)
Kazon sleeping in my arms (112_1222)
Kako on my lap (121_2106)

As I began to complete this post, I was reminded by Loki that, lest I desire my soul to be savagely ripped out during the night, I might consider ensuring him a little extra coverage.

Loki staring at me (116_1633)

[top to bottom: Loki, Kazon, Kako, and Loki again]

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