$1,000,000 in four months?.  Clever boy.

The NSA gets caught breaking more laws.  Anyone surprised?

Oh, and the White House may be doing the same thing.  This régime truly thinks itself above the law.  How Nixon-esque.

Remember Sony’s use of spyware in their copy protection scheme?  Remember Sony stripping PCs of web security in an attempt to remove their own spyware?  Remember Sony getting sued over the fiasco?  Now, Sony has settled the various lawsuits and has a lot of work to do to clean up the mess they created while also trying to win back consumer confidence and trust.  I think they have a long road to travel on this one.

Take a look at MSNBC’s wackiest animal stories of 2005.  Be certain to check out the photo slide show as well — you won’t be disappointed.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last few weeks, Texas has been burning due to significant and ongoing drought conditions.  Wildfires have even hit the DFW metroplex directly and are responsible for loss of life and property throughout our area.

How’s this for immersion journalism?  He’s only 16 and snuck to Iraq for his Christmas holiday — without telling anyone, including his parents.  Um, oops.

Give me kittens or give me death!

The precursor elements for DNA and protein have been found in the dust circling a young star.  Anyone want to guess how that got there?  Perhaps a new intelligent design in the works?  Perhaps leftovers from our own creation that somehow were blown across the galaxy?  But wait!  There can be no life outside of our own solar system.  Isn’t that part of most religious dogmas?  If this discovery isn’t some atheistic conspiracy [note sarcasm], it means the formation of life as we know it is as probable anywhere as it is nowhere, a happenstance mix of the right ingredients during any planet’s formation.  And that’s only if we assume all life in the universe has to be fundamentally the same as what is observable here on our own planet.  Anyone know the real definition of the word alien?

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