My sickly baby

Grendel resting (141_4167)

[Grendel doing all he’s been able to do for three weeks: sleep and try not to be sick]

3 thoughts on “My sickly baby”

  1. That’s a very sweet picture. He is on his new meds though and maybe in a few more days we’ll see some improvement.

  2. He finally got out of bed this morning and attempted our usual routine. This is the first time in weeks that he’s actually had enough interest to follow me about in the hopes of getting some morning attention. Mind you, he’s back in bed already, but that was a promising start.

  3. That’s excellent actually, we knew it would take a few days for the meds to start helping, I think you really were not expecting much improvement until first of the work week, so this is good Sweetie

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