Grendel appears to be doing better

Grendel sleeping on a pillow (106_0605)

Grendel has shown some improvement over the last few days.  He’s now getting up with me in the morning and following our normal routine, he’s spending more time awake (although he’s still sleeping most of the time), and he’s even played briefly a few times.  He’s still not his normal self, but he is showing signs of feeling better.

His daily medication intake is still rather high: appetite stimulant, nausea suppressant, steroid, antibiotic, and asthma inhaler.  Poor fella.  Luckily, not all of that is permanent.  As of this coming Wednesday, he’ll come off of everything except the steroid and asthma inhaler.  The vets all say we’ll know within days of that change whether we’ve addressed the problem he was having or if we’ve only solved an unrelated issue.  Let’s just hope we have found the cause of his illness and are treating it correctly.

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