Pharyngula in retrospect

PZ has a most informative and thought-provoking trio of posts migrated from his old site in response to their nominations for The 2005 Koufax Awards: Best Post.  I think each of them is more than worth your time.

Idiot America. This one is something of a howl of anguish, and it’s really more a lot of quotes from Charles Pierce’s article of the same name in Esquire. If this gets the nomination, credit should go more to Pierce than to me—and that’s OK.

Planet of the Hats. This article is probably the best representation for how I actually feel about religion. It’s all metaphor, but if you don’t get it, I won’t be surprised…it means you’re really, really, ummm, devout.

The proper reverence due those who have gone before. I have to say, if one of these three gets the nomination, this is the one I’d personally favor. But hey, you’re all supposed to vote for your favorite, and there are about 220 other great choices there, too. Anyway, if you want to understand why I despise creationists of all stripes, this article might help you understand why.

You’ll find that each of these are some of his best work, and they are singularly and summarily works that everyone must read at least once.  They are excellent — truly excellent.

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