She’s quite selfish, you know

When Derek came home briefly from the hospital, he was confined to a wheelchair because of the failing nerves in his spine.  You can imagine how difficult it was for him to get around the house with four cats.  Once they learned that the wheelchair was nothing to be afraid of, they began treating it like any other piece of furniture, albeit a mobile one.

Derek, on the other hand, learned quickly that he was no longer able to navigate our abode as easily as he once did, and certainly he could not maneuver around the cats by simply stepping over or around them.

This, Kako learned, equated to a captive audience.  She would scurry about the house in order to get ahead of Derek while he was trying to get from point A to point B, then she would crash in front of him and block his advance.  In her mind, this would force him to pay attention to her.  In Derek’s mind, this was cruel and unusual torment of a disabled person, something he found great joy in once he was able to get beyond the frustration of being at her mercy.

Below is a perfect example of what she would do to him: rush to a position in front of him and crash as though she had been sleeping there comfortably for some time.  Under the circumstances, Derek would have to deal with her on her terms if there was to be any hope of getting her out of the way.

Kako lying on the floor in front of Derek in his wheelchair (137_3739)

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