But it’s been so warm

Texas is currently expecting a rather icy weekend with freezing rain beginning tonight and continuing through Monday morning.  Current estimates are that we’ll get at least a quarter of an inch of ice accumulation, and later in the weekend and into Monday morning the freezing rain may mix with sleet.  This could be interesting.  Even if only a small amount of freezing rain occurs, it’ll be bad.  If we get up to or more than a quarter of an inch, I suspect we’ll have major problems with downed power lines and trees, not to mention treacherous driving conditions until we get above freezing on Monday.  All I can say is, “Stay off the roads.”  You know how Texans drive (dangerously and ineptly).  Now, imagine those very same idiots getting on the road with a solid sheet of ice that will likely stay on the ground all weekend as more freezing rain occurs and temperatures continue to drop.

But this is Texas, so predicting the weather accurately is a game best left to fools.  Right now it’s just a guess at what might happen.  For all the meteorologists know, it could be sunny and warm all weekend.  Somehow I doubt it considering the temperature has dropped almost 50 degrees since yesterday afternoon, and it’s expected to continue to drop all day today.  Once we get below freezing tonight, the first chance to peek above freezing will be Sunday afternoon, and even then we’re only talking by a few degrees at best — if it happens.  Otherwise, we won’t get solidly above freezing until Monday afternoon.

I suppose this is what we get for wanting rain so badly (and we need it desperately!).  Apparently, we should have been more specific about what form it should take.

And to think, just yesterday we set a new record high.

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