Winter Blast 2006

After all the threats of a horrible ice storm, all Mother Nature was able to throw at us was 24-36 hours of freezing drizzle.  Bridges, overpasses and rural roads fell prey to the thin layer of ice, but urban roadways remained free of ice because they were too warm going into the event to support freezing.  The media hyped it, of course, as a “Winter Blast” or “Arctic Outbreak” or other similar nonsense.  To show the horrible devastation we suffered under the onslaught of the ice demon, I wanted to show you the crux of what I saw.  Careful; no natural disaster can compare.

Tiny icicles in the bushes (142_4239)

Yes, that’s it.  I could find no ice on any other surface except the bushes outside my patio.  I’m sure there was more.  I should have been more thorough in my search, but I could not get beyond the horror I found right there in the bushes — the only proof of Winter Blast 2006.  Sad…

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