It’s one or the other

Sitting at my desk working on the computer beckons for company.  It is a lonely place, a solitary exercise undoubtedly reeking of aloneness that cats apparently are fully capable of identifying.  If The Kids are any indication, finding myself here calls for immediate action.  Kazon represents the best example of this.  He believes that there are two possible responses to Daddy’s busy yet bored demeanor: take his lap or take his shoulders.  This is not always convenient.

If he chooses my lap, I am generally forever blocked from using at least one hand — and that’s assuming my free hand isn’t busy petting and scratching him.

Kazon sleeping in my lap while I sit at the desk (120_2067)

If he chooses my shoulders, it becomes unpardonable for me not to give him the attention demanded by his constant purring in my ear and rubbing against my face.

Kazon sleeping on my shoulders while I sit at the desk (112_1216)

Ultimately, I am left in a quandary under these circumstances.  I want to complete whatever activity I was tending to on the computer, whether that be writing or reading.  On the other hand, I cannot deny Kazon’s love and silent demand for attention.

What’s a father to do?

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