Unusual bedfellows

I don’t often find The Twins, Kako and Kazon, sleeping together.  Although they were quite close when young, once Kako found a new man (Grendel) she promptly and brutally dropped her brother and began treating him like the dumb jock he is.

There are times, in fact, when I wonder if she’s embarrassed to admit they’re related.  Considering she smacks him around so much that he now cringes when she walks by, perhaps it’s even worse than that, but her reasons, whatever they may be, have certainly placed a wedge between them.

Despite this, Kazon loves his sister, and the do play together constantly.  And from time to time, I see Kako make her way to Kazon so they might sleep together, even if only briefly.  They may not be best friends, but they are still siblings who ultimately love each other regardless of violence being the main manifestation of that affection.

The other day I walked into the bedroom to pull the sheets off the bed as part of laundry day and what do you imagine I found?  Yes, it was The Twins curled up together in complete and deep sleep, resting comfortably and blissfully with each other.  It was a terribly sweet and rare sight.

The Twins, Kako and Kazon, sleeping together on the bed (143_4308)

[The Twins: (left to right) Kako and Kazon]

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