‘Tyrannosaurus rex’ dethroned yet again

If you haven’t heard by now, scientists discovered the fossil remains of a new dinosaur, a carnivore, that is larger than Tyrannosaurus rexNational Geographic gives us the scoop.

The newly revealed species is one of the biggest carnivores ever to have walked the Earth, dinosaur experts say.

At least seven of the animals were uncovered together in a mass fossil graveyard in western Patagonia, a region famous for giant-dinosaur remains.

Living some 100 million years ago, the largest specimen was more than 40 feet (12.5 meters) long.

Researchers say the new species, named Mapusaurus roseae, is possibly even larger than its close relative Giganotosaurus, which in 1995 took T. rex‘s crown as the world’s biggest known carnivorous dinosaur.

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