Being gone

I will endeavor to ensure at least one or two items post automatically while I am gone.  For the immediate future, I am taking a break.  I am stepping down from my pedestal and wandering life’s highway a bit (interpret that as you will).  A day or two?  Several days?  A week?  More?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I will focus on my cats, myself, wandering, and emergencies.  Deal with it.

If something comes up requiring my immediate attention, call my cell phone (that ensures those of you who might need to get in touch with me will be able to do so).  You can also send me an e-mail or leave a comment, but I make no guarantees with regards to those.  Anything outside of a cell VM can wait under current theory.  Calling me will not get an answer.  You’ll have to leave a message and I’ll determine if it’s urgent enough to require immediate attention.  Otherwise, I am incommunicado.  E-mail and comments may be checked immediately (depending, of course, on connectivity) but will be checked ultimately, and I may be adding to the automatic posts scheduled for the immediate future, and I may fly to the moon: I make no promises.  Again, deal with it.

Random Thoughts may or may not be updated until further notice.  I will do my best.  Perhaps they will on some days and not on others.  Dare I say it again?  Yes, deal with it.

See you on the flip side.

One thought on “Being gone”

  1. *GASP!* How rude! This is NOT very good customer service.

    I demand my money back immediately. AND furthermore, I’d like to speak with the manager of this Blog.

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