Nuisance was Mom’s cat, so named for vexing her other cat, Sam, before anyone knew that the problem was another feline.  Sadly, like both Sam and Zach before her, Nuisance appears to have fallen prey to some unknown force that is helping cats disappear.  It could be a pack of dogs, a coyote, a bobcat, people, or a host of other things.  Considering the family farm is on a hill that marks the middle of Absolutely Nowhere, East Texas, it is difficult to comprehend how many threats exist in the area.  She disappeared once and was gone for eight days before returning.  We’d hoped the second disappearance would be the same: brought to an end with a happy return home for the cat.  Sadly, it has not, and you can imagine the loss of three cats in less than a year has been devastating.

Because of this, I went through my photos and dug up what I could find of Nuisance.  For Mom…

Nuisance doing a u-turn (140_4008)

Doing a u-turn.

Nuisance on a mission (140_4014)

On a mission.

Nuisance not caring to join us as we check on the cows (140_4021)

Not caring to join us as we check on the cows.

Nuisance hanging out with Mom while she snaps photos (140_4010)

Hanging out with Mom while she snaps photos.

Nuisance lounging in the shade (140_4022)

Lounging in the shade.

Nuisance walking down the steps (140_4007)

Walking down the steps.

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