You’ll never believe what I just found

Oh, it just doesn’t stop, does it?

My ex-employer, in what can only be called grand theft and a violation of Texas law, and one would hope a federal law or two, has cleaned out one of my bank accounts.  They not only cleaned it out, they left it with a significant negative balance.  This was all accomplished electronically and discovered today.

Do you realize it’s the end of the month?  I can’t possibly comprehend what the hell happened; what I do know is that this screwed me nine ways from Sunday.  I can cover the loss, but it will take a bit of time to transfer funds into that account to bring the balance above zero and to deal with the outstanding debits that will undoubtedly strike on Monday or Tuesday — and that will be too soon, I’m afraid.

This is truly unfathomable.

6 thoughts on “You’ll never believe what I just found”

  1. I can spot you $20 till next payday if you need. 😈

    Seriously though, that sucks hind tit. Unbelievable.

  2. Luckily, I have cash. It’s the issue of outstanding debits against that account that could hit before funds transfer into it. But that’s OK as the transfers are in motion and should credit today and post fully tomorrow. I’m already all over the company for this and threatening heavy-handed, belligerent legal action NLT tomorrow morning if they don’t take responsibility for this mess.

    But consider this: they left the account more than $1,800 overdrawn. And where in the hell did they get the idea that it was OK to start yanking money out of personal bank accounts? It’s really difficult to comprehend.

  3. You’d need to do more than that, mArniAc. You’d need to change the account in order to stop them from having access to it. Remember, this happened after I left the company and my direct deposit ended.

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