Havin’ some bottle cap version 2

Remember Kazon havin’ some bottle cap?  Well, he’s still doin’ it.  I have yet to determine what it is about these little pieces of plastic refuse that intrigues him so, but Kazon still loves them, hits them like coffee and cigarettes right after he awakes, can occupy several minutes of his time when indulging, and otherwise finds some kind of wonderful treat in licking the inside of them ad nauseam.  I just don’t get it.

Never one to hide our family’s shameful and embarrassing secrets, here’s another video of Kazon doin’ his thing.

And that’s Grendel who graces us with his visual presence during the making of this film.  He was not interested in being on camera; he was only interested in having the cameraman give him some attention.  His request was obediently fulfilled.

This video is in Windows Media Player (WMV) format.  It’s 0:32 (thirty-two seconds) in length and is about 1 MB (so be prepared for the download if you’re using dial-up).

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