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Be sure to check out Carnival of the Cats #114.  You can find a lot of great feline photos in these carnivals, not to mention poignant, hysterical, intriguing, or otherwise memorable tales.

The feline laws of physics.  These are really funny — and disturbingly true.

Carnival of the Godless #41 covers a lot of territory for the heathens among us.

I’ve recently discovered the Carnival of Socialism and found it to be rather diverse and engaging.

Check out this photo of Alaska’s newly erupted Cleveland Volcano taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.  Wow!

More free speech and right to assemble tossed out by Bush.  While I deplore the idea of protesting at a military funeral, I would gladly die to protect the right of Americans to do just that.  What we see here is more curtailing of liberty and constitutional freedoms.  You see, chip away at it little by little and eventually we’ll be left with no rights whatsoever.

Yet more scientific evidence that sexual desire is genetic, and this time they’ve identified at least one piece of DNA that’s directly and provably involved: “the D4 receptor gene — which is responsible for producing the dopamine receptor protein (DRD4).”  This latest study is yet more undeniable evidence that much of our sexual disposition is not learned as has been claimed by the mindless for ever so long; instead, mounting evidence clearly shows our DNA is pivotal in determining a great deal of human sexuality.

From Atrios: “The willingness to send others off to die for a misguided war because you wet your pants after 9/11 is called ‘cowardice’ not courage.”

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