Halt and have some of my peanuts

It was time for an early morning walk.  The sun was not yet peeking over the horizon, but there was ample light already filling the sky.  As I passed by a neighboring apartment complex, I heard something rushing toward me — or, more accurately, toward the creek.  It was a rather large raccoon who was in quite a hurry to get back home before the sun came up.  He galloped toward me and my first reaction was simply to get out of the way, but then another idea hit me: get some pictures.  But how?  He was moving quickly enough that he’d pass me in a few seconds and would disappear into the brush surrounding the creek.

Ah, but I had a secret weapon!  I generally carry some kind of snack with me when I go for walks.  On this particular morning I had a bag of roasted peanuts.  Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned…  Raccoons like peanuts.

So I quickly pulled out the bag and tossed a handful of them in his path.  That got his attention.  His headlong rush toward his daytime hiding place came to a screeching halt as he stopped to enjoy a bit more to eat before bedtime.  All I had to do then was pull out the camera and take some shots.  Once he finished eating what I’d given him, he continued on his way and I continued on mine.

Raccoon having some peanuts (125_2563)
Raccoon checking out the peanuts (125_2596)
Raccoon picking up a peanut (125_2590)
Raccoon checking me out before he goes back to the peanuts (126_2627)

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