We always said she had a JLo booty

Derek and I always laughed about Kako having a big butt: her JLo booty.  She works it when necessary and flaunts it like a trophy.  Uh-huh, she knows she’s got all that junk in her trunk, and more importantly, she knows she can get you love drunk off that hump…  Yea, she’s all that.

So, anyway, back to her JLo booty…

Kako’s a hottie momma.  That includes having a bit of an ass.  Despite her diva existence, she can’t always properly compensate for the caboose she’s dragging around behind her.

Kako's JLo butt sticking out from under the sheet (144_4415)
Kako's JLo butt again sticking out from under the sheet (144_4458)
Kako's JLo butt hanging out under the sheet (144_4437)

There are times, however, when she succeeds in getting her ass under cover, but I must sadly admit there are also times when her JLo booty takes so much room that she can’t fit her tail.

Kako tail sticking out from under the sheet with Grendel looking on (144_4423)

[she’s going to hurt me in terrible ways if she ever sees this post; btw, that’s Grendel trying to sleep in that last picture]

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