Daddy, you gotta gimme something

Kazon follows me everywhere.  That’s the first thing you’ll notice in this video as I walk back and forth in the kitchen.  It is that part of his need for me that earned him the “Puppy” nickname.  He is in every possible way my puppy dog.  Second, you’ll notice he’s asking for something with that half-purr-half-meow voice he uses.  It is one of many different parts of his communications tool chest.  In this case, he wanted either a treat or some attention, and he’s not so finicky as to decline both were they offered.  Needless to say, they all got healthy doses of both right after the camera stopped rolling.

This video is in Windows Media Player (WMV) format.  It’s 1:14 (one minute and fourteen seconds) in length and is about 3.59 MB (so be prepared for the download if you’re using dial-up).

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