Wasn’t there more food in that bowl?

This is a bowl of cat food.  It’s the bowl I leave on the patio for the various felines that visit (most notably, at least in the last several weeks, Vazra).  I stepped outside at dusk to retrieve the feline food and water bowls.  They would be replaced with all manner of nourishment for the nocturnal wildlife.  When I stepped outside, the first thing I realized was that the bowl had significantly less food than it contained when last I saw it less than an hour before.  Click on the picture to understand where the food went.

Think “creepy little ‘hands'”…

Bowl of cat food on the patio (145_4531)

I hope you took special note of the hands.  I still say they’re a bit creepy in a human kind of way.  And yes, I left the bowl where it was and found it empty an hour or so later when I again checked it.

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