All is not as it seems

One might assume from the photo below that Kazon is lounging about enjoying a lazy afternoon.  One would be wrong in making that assumption.

Kazon resting in the living room, but is he really resting? (145_4527)

If he’s not resting, what is he doing?

He’s keeping an eye on Wylie who was staying with us for a time while Rick was out of town and there was construction going on at his house.

Kazon keeping an eye on Wylie (145_4526)

Before you panic about my having a large dog at home with The Kids, don’t worry.  Wylie loves cats (actually, he loves all animals).  He would never hurt them.  In fact, all he wants to do is play with them and hang out with them and be friends.  The Kids, on the other hand, are not quite sure what to make of the huge beast.

Kazon just doesn’t trust Wylie, although he’s not terribly frightened by him either.  He keeps the dog at arm’s length with much puffing up, posturing, and even a strategic hiss here and there.  Essentially, Kazon “guards” the dog and keeps an eye on him at all times.

Kako absolutely doesn’t trust Wylie.  She avoids him but doesn’t run and hide.  She’ll even approach and investigate him if he’s still long enough and she feels it’s safe.

Grendel, in his infinitely laid-back approach to life, simply doesn’t care much either way.  He still does his own thing and pretty much just leaves Wylie alone.  It’s more like a “Whatever.  Just don’t step on me.” relationship from Grendel’s perspective.  Of course, Grendel fears nothing, has never met a stranger, and doesn’t get stressed about much of anything.  To him, at least right now, Wylie is nothing more than a curiosity.

Loki sees Wylie as a threat and has to be restrained (i.e., kept at bay and in check).  He hunts Wylie and tries diligently to do harm to the dog.  Wylie, in turn, now realizes he should give Loki a wide berth lest he get bloodied by constant claw attacks (which has happened before).

Wylie spent a few nights here and there were no major altercations.  In fact, I bring Wylie home with me when the opportunity presents itself.  This has done much to get The Kids acclimated to him and he to them.  Sure, there are times when a dog that large poses a threat just through simple play, but monitored activities are the best way to ensure everyone learns the limits of interaction.

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