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Carnival of the Cats #119 – Independence Edition

Bird extinction rates far worse than realised: “Every year another species of bird vanishes forever, new research suggests, an extinction rate four times higher than traditional estimates. Furthermore, the analysis predicts that by the end of the century the rate will accelerate to 10 extinctions per year, meaning the loss of 12% of all 10,000 known bird species.”

Grand Rounds 2:41

This polar bear sure knows how to stay cool.  It’s so cute.  You can practically hear him saying something like “I love this ice very very much.  I’ll hold it and feed it and take care of it and make it my very own…”

Tangled Bank #57

Remember the empty promises of flying cars, the new transportation of the rocket age that would allow you to drive to local destinations and fly to remote ones?  If so, you’ll also remember it never happened despite all the promises and hype that it would be a reality before the 21st century.  Well, albeit a bit late, LaBiche Aerospace has designed one that might actually fulfill that long dead hope.  To wit:

Through the ingenious blending of aircraft and ground transportation technologies, the LaBiche Aerospace FSC-1™ provides the freedom to drive to any destination with style, performance and comfort, while simultaneously enabling the use of existing airports to travel between distant locations at speeds in excess of 275 mph.

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