Flurries of photos

You’ve probably noticed the increase in photo posts recently.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago while plodding through the pictures I have left to post that I would certainly be dead long before I got most of them up here, let alone all of them.  There are still a great many photos from the old site that have not been uploaded yet, and there’s a monstrous number of new photos steadily growing out of control that likewise would never be posted.

To resolve this conundrum, I decided to try posting at least one photo per day.  Sometimes that works out.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  Regardless of the level of success, I think it’ll work out better to keep up this pace as opposed to the almost random schedule I was keeping before.  This will allow me to get more photos online instead of allowing them to languish on my laptop and server like poor cousins rejected at the family reunion.

This same approach will probably be used for videos as well, although that schedule will be more akin to a weekly event rather than daily.  The intention is the same: to share with you the growing number of videos I have that right now are suffering in banishment.  Poor things…

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