How far will your hate go?

Not to play the victim card on the gay issue again, but at some point you have to wonder precisely how far people are willing to let their hate and homophobia run unchecked.

Let’s get laws and amendments on the books to stop gay marriage despite the factual data from countries who have it that show it causes no harm whatsoever to heterosexual marriage (in fact, the most recent study indicates the opposite: that gay marriage has strengthened traditional marriage in those countries which allow them).  Let’s also remove domestic partner benefits from union contracts, despite their inclusion and agreement by all sides, even after the contract is signed.  Let’s remove sexual orientation from hate crimes laws and civil rights protections.  Let’s try diligently and repeatedly to inject discrimination and reduction of rights for a class of citizens into the holiest of U.S. documents: the Constitution.  Let’s remove employment and other discrimination protections for homosexuals.  Remember, all of these things have already been done and continue to happen throughout the country.

But that’s apparently not enough to satisfy the bigots.

Now, they’re suing organizations who have domestic partner benefits because they somehow weaken marriage, or represent a union similar to marriage, or some other such nonsense.  And in this case, those suing are doing precisely what they publicly claimed they would not do: using marriage laws to go after employment benefits for gays.

I mean, come on, idiots.  Who pissed in your Post Toasties this morning?  Or whenever?

Would someone care to explain to me how taking away health insurance from gays is the right thing to do?  Ever?

When does it stop?  When does this vitriol become apparent to all those Americans who are sitting on their asses and watching it happen?  When does it become unacceptable to continue targeting a minority for discrimination, for reduced rights and protections, for unequal legal coverage?

Is this the superior morality the anti-gay movement claims they have?  The preeminent scruples we are urged to recognize?  The more humane and better way to live?

You’re kidding, right?

Let me put it in a way that’s clear and concise: Christians are evil and hateful and mean-spirited assholes who want nothing more than to claim dominion over every aspect of everyone’s lives; they want to control what you can do and when you can do it and who you can do it with; they want to govern your bedroom activities; they want to practice discrimination and proclaim their prejudice as religious freedom, and they convince themselves this is okay by ignoring their own iniquity; they are Pharisees; they are hypocrites in the name of their god; they are inhumane, subhuman cretins who demonstrate their savior’s love by hating anyone who’s different.

And I can say that about all Christians.  Why?  Because: If you’re a Christian and you’re not taking action to stop this religious crusade to subjugate and wipe out a minority, then you are as much at fault as those directly involved.  John Tunis said it best: “He who witnesses a crime and does not protest, commits it himself.”

Real Christians would move to stop this hijacking of their faith, to reinstate the love and compassion which they claim to uphold.  They would know they are obligated to proselytize only by example, not by force.

What are they doing instead?  Sitting on their asses and watching it all happen with the cold gaze of a scavenger waiting for the prey to die so they can swoop in and steal their share.

And lest you think I have only disdain for Christians, this applies to Muslims, Jews, and every other faith as well.  I’ve studied your books.  I’ve studied your faiths and beliefs.  I’ve seen the best of what you have to offer.  Sadly, none of you are in touch with the true spirit of your religion, and your gods hate you for what you have either done or allowed to be done in their names.  If it were real, there would be a very special place in hell for the faithful who shatter all they claim to hold dear in the name of their own ignorant hatred for their fellow human beings.  Hypocrites are the worst moral criminals, and intolerance is the best example of religious hypocrisy.

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