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Do you like beer?  Well, I doubt there’s any question as to whether or not I do.  In honor of this most cherished and wonderful nectar from the gods, let’s share the drunken stupors with our animal friends: a puppy and an otter.  That otter photo is to die for.

Friday Cephalopod: Nocturnal Squid…  Beautiful creature.  Take note of the zigzag pattern on its tentacles, and then go from there.

And a second Friday Cephalopod: Alvin meets Benthoctopus.  Another beautifully cool pic.  Just checkin’ you out.

‘Tis the most bloody laughin’ I’ve done in a fortnight.  You’ve got to read this Monty Python-esque comment about unIntelligent Design over at The Panda’s Thumb.  Brilliantly hysterical!

Check out these undersea photos.  There are several in each category and include some truly spectacular photographs and videos, not to mention those that appear to be of entirely new species or behavior we have never before observed.  [via Deep-Sea News]

There’s a lot of buzz in scientific circles regarding a neutron star that’s acting much older than it is.  Normally, at only 2,000 years old, this remnant of a stellar giant would be spinning hundreds of times per second.  What’s this one doing?  Acting like its siblings who are millions of years older: spinning once every 6.7 hours.  Ah, discovery.  It always raises more questions than it answers.  Gotta love it!

Remember to check out Friday Ark #94 and enjoy all the animal news you can stand.  It’s updated throughout the weekend.

I strongly support wind energy, but that comes with a caveat: make it safe.  Period.  Wiping out eagles is not safe.  Period.  Make it safe or take it down.  Period.  And I mean immediately.  Period.  [I suddenly feel like a telegraph]

Before you go, it’s absolutely essential you go read The Editors’ I hope everybody is enjoying their freedom.  Stunning work.

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