Alright, Yoda, get outta the bag

Kako is sometimes called Yoda.  This is for a good reason.

She suffers from excessive and undeniable curiosity.  Sure, all cat’s do, but Kako gives it her own flair.  As long as she doesn’t feel threatened, and sometimes even then, she simply can’t say no to that overwhelming desire to rummage through everyone’s business.  Simply put, if it might possibly contain one or more trinkets, it must be investigated thoroughly.  And how does one determine if it might contain one or more trinkets?  One should simply assume at all times that all things and all people are hiding some very interesting secrets and should therefore be plundered in the name of discovery.

Any visitor can attest to this.  Jenny, for example, will often set her purse down on the floor.  Kako knows Jenny.  Once she realizes it’s her, the purse is besieged.  The Yoda part is that immediately she’ll stick her head into it and start nosing around.  If anything catches her eye — ooh, shiny… pretty… interesting… any other trait… — she pulls it right on out.  Pens are a favorite in this regard, as they serve quite well as toys sliding easily across the carpet like a scampering mouse.  But anything will do so long as it grabs her attention.

Because it’s not just looking but taking, and because she rarely takes no for an answer in such matters (or any other matter now that I think about it), she’s rather like Yoda digging through Luke Skywalker’s supply case and, much like a child, setting his eye upon a small thingamajig or doohickey, and not letting anyone or anything sway his resolve in taking and keeping it.  Yep, that’s Kako.  If it’s of interest, it surely must be for her, and she has no qualms with going and getting it herself.

The cutest aspect of this is when both head and paw disappear into or under the curious oddity that calls out to her.  You can almost hear Yoda’s grunting and murmuring while she’s doing it.  Things start tumbling out onto the floor, items which immediately get a cursory examination to determine whether or not that was the right whatchamacallit.  If it meets her exacting standards and needs, further study and even play will be explored.  If, however, it happens to be less interesting on the floor than it appeared in its original hiding place, it becomes sloppy seconds for the other cats while she goes back to Yoda-ing.

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